Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today I am feeling different from other days of my life. I am in the same condition in which I was before three years. In these three years I felt that I'll never do this again but suddenly I brock my all the commitments and promises. It doesnt mean that I played mischief with someone. I am making fool myself but I am unable to protest this feeling which is growing rapidly in my mind, body and soul.

Yes I am in love!!

I dont know when it started in my busy life in which i dont have time to breath even. In this bone breaking life she makes me normal with her humorous statements, always fights with me when we are not in group but always stands with me when every one opposing me. She has all the qualities are not doesnt matter but has some qualities to make me happy and normal. I spend my most of time in a day with her and I think she also enjoys my company.

It is defficult for me to ask her, "I love her."

Will she deny me ?

Will she shout?
Will she hit me?


She will be shy, hide her face with her palms and will run away.

What ever but I will love her upto end of my life. Because I feel love as The God and no body can leav God in his/her whole life.
In this world Two things are every where GOD and LOVE

SO, love people and loved by people.

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pRicky said...

i applaud this post.
loving isn't easy but loving someone when you are sure you wont get any in return is brave.
my heart felt wishes.
she may or may not love you but she would definitly respect you for your courage.