Friday, October 27, 2006

Really you are the great

Why are you not here to make me happy and relax after this traumatic work and lethal tension? This is only you with whom I felt cool even after my four days continuous journey or one month of hard training camp. From navaratri to Deepawali I missed you so much and you also know why? Your morning alarm and before leaving home you never forgot to remind me for going Kalikamata first. Your reproach for late lunch and dinner, chips and bananas on the day of Ashatmi, Teeka of Vijayadashmi and extra money for basketball or hockey stick. During the cleaning I always asked to replace my shields and momentous but you said, “ Tujhe kya pata kitni mehnat se aate hain ye sab” and you place those very gently as your own achievements. Loads of work and every work took place with the time just because of your planning, help and the most important your trust made me to bear all the responsibilities.
When all were in against of me you supported me for my workings and I could gain so much of experience from there. You created a world for my comforts and relaxation. Sometimes you imposed something but finally that made me efficient.
You were always aware that what was I doing, but you always showed your trust so I realise my mistakes.
I know you are in the same condition like me but we both are unable to meet at this time. This time is more panic than the duration I spend for TSC. I am desperate to see you and cry.
Now I understand deference between Yashoda and Deveki. Really it’s you and the sweet world made by you(family) which made me capable to take all those responsibility and understand all the relationships in my life.
I want you not for this life only but for every life


nothin.. within said...

its simply great man even i don't have words to say about how it is. i never think that u can write like that, this is so powerful i too start missing my mom by read this keep going..

Me Thinks.. said...

very touching, but i would suggest write in hindi, especially this one! feelings would have come out amazingly well..
Very touching though!

pRicky said...

great build up
you did TSC?
good stuff

Shailesh said...

Yes i did TSC in year 2004