Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blood shedded platforms, scared people; crying women and children, everybody was running to save their lives. Is it scary, horrible or terrible? No! It is laughable for those terrorists who attack Indians daily all over the country whether it is Mumbai, Malegaon, Bangalore or parliament house. They can work any where and wreck the soul of this insecure country.

This is happening because of drawbacks of our security system. There is a huge communication gap between intelligence agencies and local police. The police cant get information directly from intelligence agencies. Like in the case of Kargil war our agencies gave the information about infiltration but due to communication gap that bloody war took place.

Second major problem with our intelligence agencies is that its officers are on the deputation from IAS, IPS and some other higher departments. Those officers who dont work there or dont want to work there are deputed in intelligence agencies. Thats why our government made these agencies as a dumping ground for such type of officers.

In India we have different police departments for different states and it creats so many problems for police itself to arrest any terrorist or illegal immigrants. And after crossing the borders they feel relaxed because it is difficult for police to catch them.

In the case of naxalites we have police but the constables dont belong to that place where they work. Due to this they are not familiar with those areas where naxalites live and dont know the paths which naxalites use.

The biggest problem with our security is corruption. Arms and ammunition of Indian difence are going to terrorists and our soldiers are fighting against their own arms. It is not done by any hawaldar or low designated person but it is an act of highly posted officers and politicians. So if we want to overcome such type of problems, first we have to fight against corruption and simultaneously work for upgradation of our security agencies and police force.
After doing all these we can think of living in a fearfree India.


Me Thinks.. said...

yup i agree! corruption is the root cause of everything..thats why more than 4 billion ppl are still below the poverty line!
intelligence agencies are just for name sake! we still are a poor country with enormous capacity.. sad state of affairs

pRicky said...

fear free india?
i disagree with the concept for more reasons then one.
your image is more in agreement with the ramrajya which i think is not going to happen.
ur analysis of the police department is enlightning but incomplete. the corelation doesn't satisfy me but your honesty and the idea is endearing
keep it up

गिरिराज जोशी said...

saileshjee Namaskar!!!

Aapne abhi-abhi meri post "mere bikhare sabdo ki samiksha-3" per ek tippani preshit ki thi, jise aap ne remove kar diya hai...

mere blog ka visit karne aur meri rachnaye padhkar utsahvardhan karne ke liye sukriya.

aap "Baapu" ke baare jo keh rahe the wo bilkul sahi hai, aapne sayed meri us post ko sahi prakar se nahi padha. aap jin vicharoon ki baat kar rahe the wo mere nahi balki "Subhashish Pande jee" ke the aur mein unko aap wali baat hi kavya-ras me samjha raha tha.

kripaya punh avlokan kare...



nothin.. within said...

fighting against own weapon concept is very correct,for fear free india first we need corruption free india.
keep blogging .......