Sunday, December 03, 2006

Whome can we blame?

One more train accident in the black record of Railway Ministry. In Bhagalpur more than 35 were died and more than 200 were injured when one ancient ( 150 years old) over bridge fell on Hawara - Jamalpur express.
But did you ever think why doesnt it happen to houses of our respected ministers. Now our number one revenue generating sector is being as politics of Bihar.
Our White dressed gentelmen always said after the accidents " This happend due to human mistake and we have suspended three officers." But these "Men in White" are the actual accountable for these accidents. " Oh! what they can do either they can think about their party and state elections or their mistry."
From the year 1996 approximate 30 train accidents accured. In year 1996 four, 1997 three, 1998 five, 1999 three, 2001 three, 2002 one, 2003 seven, 2004 one, 2005 six and in year 2006 this is fifth rail accident. Chahe railway ministry chara eater ke pass ho ya Nitish cheater ke pass inki Bhookh to masoom janta ko apni jan aur mal se hi mitani padegi.
The railway officials are also responsible that they do not pay attention towards railway assets and do not submit the actual reports in which railway wants so much improvement.
Those people are responsible who seems like Indians but behave like any rival. They destroy public and railway property just for fun. Contractors are also in the same category
Who else is responsible. Yes we are because we didnt stop anyone who was destroying railway property and we happily agree to bribe TTE to get one seat. And most imporatant that we are the voters who are electing these people who are already accused of major cases.


Anonymous said...

very true..railway accidents and ministers are hand in glove..nobody seems to be bothered.. you and I can only sit and write abt it!

nothin.. within said...

the white dressd man will b always safe untillw e start taking action again them. nicely put but consult ur editor i was cofused somewhr in the middle.

Anonymous said...

you can try and get elected... we can try and get elected...
but do we have it in us???/

Shailesh said...

@ pricky.. Yes i have it in me. If we cant get elected than we can promot those people who are good for our nation.